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Black Velvet Art Party!


Above: BVAP "Shine" 2013 Winners!

Black Velvet Art Party 2014
This Year's Theme:

The 26th Annual Black Velvet Art Party
Saturday, November 22, 2014, 7 - 11 pm,
at the Georgian Resort in Lake George.

Proceeds from the event help fund the Lake George Arts Project and its gallery exhibition series.

This invigorating gathering of the local art scene is renowned for its out-of-the ordinary presentation of black velvet art and over-the-top apparel. The party features a silent auction of original black velvet art, art and fashion awards, limbo contest and live dance music with Big Fez & The Surfmatics!

Calling all Artists!

One of the special features of this event is the silent auction of "black velvet art" - created and donated by local artists.  Artists - Please click HERE for BVAP Art Entry Form.
Deliver artwork by November 19, 2014.

2013 Awards:

Fashion Awards:

1. The Joan Reid Award (most inappropriate attire) – Carollee Labruzzo
2. Tres Tacky – Pat Babe
3. Velviagra – Debbie Gaddy
4. Svelte – Jeannette Brandt
5. King BVAP 25th - John  Gaddy
6. Queen Velveteen - Hannah Chorman

Art Awards:

1. Best of Black Velvet – Mary Fasset, “Scarf It Up"
2. Velveluminous (the brightest) – Margaret Wallace, “Heat Quilt”
3. Velvelicious (delicious) – Judy Chase, “Sunrise Bird Purse”
4. Velveeta (the cheesiest) – Jen Sanford, “’Cat”
5. Velveluptuous (the sexiest) – Ruth Ward, “Vintage Lace and Silk Scarf”
6. Velvet Underground (The Wild-Side Award) – Bruce Fasset, “Shine On Harvest Moon”
7. BV Amoeba Art Award (Best Amoeba Art)  -  Sam Bowser, "Lake George Testate Amoeba"

2012 Awards:

Fashion Awards:

1. The Joan Reid Award (most inappropriate attire) – Gary McCoola
2. Tres Tacky – Wes Keayes
3. Velviagra – Kandi Kelly
4. Svelte – Brooke Witham
5. King BVAP 24th - Bruce Fasset
6. Queen Velveteen - Mary Fasset

Art Awards:

1. Best of Black Velvet – Bruce Fasset, “Capricorn Cornucopia Night Light”
2. Velveluminous (the brightest) – Rick Butto, “The Night Sea Sky”
3. Velvelicious (delicious) – Kyle Fasset, “Naughty-Lis Blue Crab”
4. Velveeta (the cheesiest) – Fish Creek School of Art, “’Wear” The Wild Things Are”
5. Velveluptuous (the sexiest) – Martin Myers, “Nautilus / The Perfect Storm”
6. Viva La Velvet – Mike Parwana, “Nautilus”

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