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The last  BVAP party took place on Saturday, November 22, 2014
at the Georgian Resort in Lake George.
It was the 26th Black Velvet Art Party,
and the theme was
Until further notice the BVAP is on hiatus. 
The event was known for its out-of-the ordinary presentation of black velvet art and over-the-top apparel, and featured a silent auction of original black velvet art, art and fashion awards.

Above: BVAP "Gnarly" 2014 Winners!

2014 Awards:

Fashion Awards:

1. The Joan Reid Award (most inappropriate attire) – Mike Vittengl

.2. Tres Tacky – Mel Ostberg
3. Velviagra – Billijo Meader
4. Svelte – Ray Perry
5. Velvelicious - Cathy DeDe
6. King BVAP 26th - Brian Landenburger
7. Queen Velveteen - Denise Perry

Art Awards:
1. Best of Black Velvet – Gary McCoola, “Gimme Shelter"
2. Velveeta (the cheesiest) – Armon Art Brown, "Gnarly"
3. Velveluminous (the brightest) – Joy McCoola, "Grate Openings"
4. Velveluptuous (the sexiest) – Kat Griffin,  "Gnarly Fairy Chair"
5. Velvet Underground – Betsy Brandt, "After Rousseau"
6. BV Amoeba Art Award (Best Amoeba Art)  -  Sam Bowser, "Amoebas on Parade"

Thank you
Proceeds from the event help fund the Lake George Arts Project
and its gallery exhibition series.

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