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Black Velvet Art Party!


The 26th Annual Black Velvet Art Party!  Theme: "GNARLY"
The party took place on Saturday, November 22,
at the Georgian Resort in Lake George.
This invigorating gathering of the local art scene is renowned for its out-of-the ordinary presentation of black velvet art and over-the-top apparel. The party featured a silent auction of original black velvet art, art and fashion awards, lite fare and live dance music with Big Fez & The Surfmatics!

Above: BVAP "Gnarly" 2014 Winners!

2014 Awards:

Fashion Awards:

1. The Joan Reid Award (most inappropriate attire) – Mike Vittengl

.2. Tres Tacky – Mel Ostberg
3. Velviagra – Billijo Meader
4. Svelte – Ray Perry
5. Velvelicious - Cathy DeDe
6. King BVAP 26th - Brian Landenburger
7. Queen Velveteen - Denise Perry

Art Awards:
1. Best of Black Velvet – Gary McCoola, “Gimme Shelter"
2. Velveeta (the cheesiest) – Armon Art Brown, "Gnarly"
3. Velveluminous (the brightest) – Joy McCoola, "Grate Openings"
4. Velveluptuous (the sexiest) – Kat Griffin,  "Gnarly Fairy Chair"
5. Velvet Underground – Betsy Brandt, "After Rousseau"
6. BV Amoeba Art Award (Best Amoeba Art)  -  Sam Bowser, "Amoebas on Parade"

Thank you
Proceeds from the event help fund the Lake George Arts Project
and its gallery exhibition series.

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