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The Peoples Pixel Project

A Festival of Short Videos
The Peoples Pixel Project was created to provide live
audience exposure to professional and emerging videographers and to foster local interest
and growth in the medium.

2010 P3 Award winners:

1st My Feet, Cassidy Jane Prince, Fort Ann, NY.
2nd Julie Andrews, Isla McGlauflin, Queensbury, NY.
3rd Charles Shultz, Jed Moody, Lake George, NY.

1st Breaking Up, Jeff Burns, Troy, NY.
2nd Big Sack of Wind, Tom Lopez, Fort Edward, NY.
3rd A Work in Progress, Peter Koehler, Ryan Nearney, Mark Stenson, Niskayuna, NY.

1st Weapons Of Math Instruction, The Mathematicians, Glens Falls, NY.
2nd Resty's Music Video, John Yost, Troy, NY.
3rd X= e23, Shawn Snow, Troy, NY.

1st Technologically Organic, Jaime Bernat, Chestertown, NY.
2nd Ice Up, Sam Bowser, Claire Beynon, Shawn Harper & Henry Kaiser, East Greenbush, NY.
3rd Talk to the Hand, Chris Murphy, Niskayuna, NY.

Get Reel:
1st Farm Raised: Grassroots Cycling in Upstate NY, Kevin Ankeny, Glens Falls, NY.
2nd Balancing the Silo, Christopher Phelps, South Glens Falls, NY.

1st Stomach Stones, Faith Griffiths, Bennington, VT.
2nd Little, Man, Fletcher Conlon, Lake Luzerne, NY.
3rd Roberry, James Belcastro & Matt Cioffi, Niskayuna, NY.

Peoples Picks of Particular Merit:
The Washing Machine, Hazel Koziol & Baxter Koziol, Greenwich, NY. (Animated)
Psychic Car Ride, Ghoul Poon (Chris Brown & Shane Snachez), Gansevoort, NY. (Tunes)
Checkers, Chris Perrella, Niskayuna, NY. (Animated)
Food Flicks, Colin MacCormack, Rexford, NY. (Experimental)
San Andres Fault, Daniel Claridge, Niskayuna, NY. (Narrative)
Dark Times Filled with Light, Kimberly Loneck, Gansevoort, NY. (Experimental)