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The Peoples Pixel Project

A Festival of Short Videos
The Peoples Pixel Project was created to provide live
audience exposure to professional and emerging videographers and to foster local interest
and growth in the medium.

2013 Pixel Project award winners:

Amet, by Noah Petrie (Experimental, 3:00)

Corals in Crisis
, by Cortland Brennan, writer Monika Laplante (Animated, 4:07)

18 Wheels Roll
, by Jody David Taylor (Tunes, 3:21) 

Buy Local
, by Patrick Yellen (Get Reel, 5:14) 

Bullying: Behind the Screen
, by Lexey Watson (Get Reel, 3:00)

Markers and Glue
, by Gabrielle Kenney (Animated, 2:19)

Cat House
, by Drew Gruskin (Bermuda Shorts, 9:58)

Multiples of Zero
, by  Zachary DeMarsh (Narrative, 5:00)

Pressure Within, by Emily Foreman (Experimental, 4:13)

, by Joshua Dodway (Narrative, 3:00)

The Princess and the Dragon
, by Mark Fiske, Terrence Tolman (Bermuda Shorts, 10:00)

The Whiteboard Incident
, by Ethan Cronquist (Animated, 2:54)

Friends of the IBA
, by Kevin Ankeny, Laurie LaFond (Get Reel, 4:28)

Arrested Romance
, by Emily Foreman, Maddie Rojas-Lynch (Bermuda Shorts, 6:51)

The Shooter
, by Eric Stumpf (Narrative, 5:11)

Protecting Reefs, Protecting Economies
, by Monika LaPlante (Get Reel, 4:33)

The Last Oldsmobile
, by Mark Spitzer, John Parsons, Marcel Forette (Tunes, 5:05)

Lost and Found
, by Caitlin “Tree” Stedman (Narrative, 1:55)

Looking Back
, by Corry Loveday Tunes, 4:36)