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The Peoples Pixel Project

A Festival of Short Videos
The Peoples Pixel Project was created to provide live
audience exposure to professional and emerging videographers and to foster local interest
and growth in the medium.

2014 Pixel Project award winners:

The Long-Off Season,
by Calvin O’Connor (Narrative, 05:00)

Henry...on the move!, by Kate Austin-Avon (Short Shorts, 00:28)

Bliss McIntosh, Black Ash Basket,
by  Jeromy McFarren (Bermuda Shorts, 06:30)

by  Molly Davis, (Animated, 01:46)

Stay Rooted,
by  Caitlin Stedman (Narrative, 01:33)

Education Through a Different Lens,
by Capital Region Robotics (00:45)

by  Blacklight Lighthouse (Experimental, 05:29)

by  Christopher Lemelin (Narrative, 03:00)

by  Riley Bernnan/ Emily Erdman (Short Shorts, 00:46)

Love Ritual,
by  Super Dark Collective (Narrative, 04:17)

by  Ryan Schnackenberg (Bermuda Shorts, 07:31)

Black Creek,
by  John W. Yost (Bermuda Shorts, 12:00)

by  Mark Spitzer (Experimental, 03:28)

Don’t Go,
by  Caitlin Stedman (Experimental, 01:48)

by  Jordan Whittemore (Narrative, 04:52)

miraballistic, by  Blacklight Lighthouse (Tunes, 04:05)

by  Kerry Levielle (Narrative, 04:58)

by  Emily Fisher (Animated, 01:49)

Fishing Plus,
by  Christopher Brown (Short Shorts, 00:51)

Is Robotics Right For You?,
by  Capital Region Robotics (Narrative, 01:43)

Best Friends,
by  Kaitlyn Vogel (Animated, 01:19)

Pulp Factory,
by Mark Spitzer (Short Shorts, 00:59)