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The Peoples Pixel Project

A Festival of Short Videos
The Peoples Pixel Project was created to provide live
audience exposure to professional and emerging videographers and to foster local interest
and growth in the medium.

2016 Pixel Project award winners:

Isaac Kautz and Mark Spitzer's film 
James Whale was chosen for this 
year's Peoples Choice Award - Congratulations Isaac and Mark!

You can follow these links below to view all the selected videos:
1. Breaking News by Samuel M Lund (2:09)
2. Factory Ruin by Marilyn McCabe  (0:57)
3. Jundgmental Love by Francesca Mastrianni  (1:52)
4. Sun Burdens "Fools Song" by Christopher Brown (2:33)
5. Islamberg NY Report by Jessica Vecchione (8:00)
6. The Baby Monitor by  Zach Appio & Frank Appio (8:39)
7. Teenage Homo Sapien by Lucas Neufeld (2:59)
8. SDHV Season One Trailer by Super Dark Home Video (2:24)
9. Writers' Block by 
Samuel M. Lund, Samuel Pinheiro, James Heffernan, and Connor Treacy  (4:57)
10. The Discovery by Kenny, Hopkin’s Media (2:39)
11. Burgh by Julia and Michael Devine (12:00)
12. James Whale by Mark Spitzer & Isaac Kautz (4:35)
13. Tethered by Caitlin Stedman (7:43)
14. Disneyland Dream by Marty Hardin (3:50)
15. Bands N Beans 2015 by Kenny, Hopkin’s Media (1:04)
16. The Black Ships "Dead Empires" by John Gill (5:12)
17. Brute Nuisance (Beefcake For Hire) by Zach Appio (1:06)
18. Bead Sutra by Ethan Obermayer, Khaz Gunnawa (0:45)
19. Wade by Mark Spitzer (3:07)
20. The Sneeze by David Coveney (1:09)