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Above: © Carl Heilman, photo: "Lake George"

For more than 200 years the pristine waters and majestic mountains of Lake George have inspired artists to create some of their most enduring work, from 19th century painters Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School, to 20th century artists Georgia O’Keeffe and David Smith, to a rich and diverse community of artists living and working in the region today. For over 30 years the Lake George Arts Project has presented exhibitions of regional, emerging and established contemporary artists at the Courthouse Gallery. In keeping with this mission, Art @ The Lake presented a new generation of artists exploring their vision of Lake George and the region.

Since 2011 the event was held at a different location along the lake.  In the summer of 2015 we were able to install a month long exhibition at a pop-up gallery at a storefront location in Bolton Landing, NY.  In previous years the exhibition was a one day event held at Wiawaka Holiday House, Top of the World Resort, both in Lake George, and also the Sembrich Museum and the Wolgin Residence, both in Bolton Landing. 

Art @ The Lake is currently on hiatus. We do hope to present the event again soon, so please stay tuned. In the mean time we are seeking sponsorship at various levels.
We hope you will consider being a part of this opportunity. Your sponsorship will help us to continue to provide exciting and lively arts presentations for the residents and visitors of the greater Lake George region.

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Exhibiting Artists Summer 2015:

Sabina Alcorn
Stephen Alcorn
Marjolaine Arsenault

Kate Austin Avon
Sue Beadle
Robin Blakney-Carlson
Cheri Bordelon
Elena Borstein
Kate Boyle
Ken Brzozowski

Lisa Brzozowski
Chicken Coop Forge
Jean H. Clark
Tom Clement
Terry Conrad

Debbie Davidson
Katie DeGroot
Chris DeMarco

Anne Diggory
Michael Dollar
Stu Eichel
Karen Elem
Leslie Ferst
Jill Fishon-Kovachick
Bob Fisher
Jim Flosdorf

Lise Fuller
Jon Christopher Gernon

Diane Golden
David Greenberger
Gerri Groff
James Goss
Robert Gullie
Robert F. Hammerquist
John Hampshire
Carl Heilman
Sandra Hildreth
Serena Kovalosky
Morris Kopels
Melanie Kozol
Heather Kranz
Betsy Krebs
Stephen Lack
Lori Lawrence
Charlene Leary
Naomi Lewis
Hilary Lorenz
Dolores Marinelli
Randi Martin Kish
Beverley Mastrianni
Pat McEvoy
Virginia McNeice
Gammy Miller
Catherine Minnery
Mia Muratori

Craig Murphy
Martin Myers

Jeanne Noordsy
Susan Nowogrodzki
Betty O'Brien
Ed Ostberg
Cathy Painter
Vicky Palermo
Leslie Parke
Elizabeth Parsons
Mark Perry
Peter Ronsani
Nadia Rymanoski
Bev Saunders
Jon Segan
Richard Stout
Mary Lou Strode
Anne Sutherland
Diane Swanson
Marguerite Takvorian Holmes
Andrew Thompson
Laura Von Rosk
Margaret Wallace
Bob Walp
Takeyce Walter

Jerry Wein
Michelle Winnie
Regina Wickham
Sonni Woolley
Ruth Ward

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Peter Barry, Esq.

Kathy and Marshall Garrow