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Below is a selection of  Short Films from past P3 screenings.  This list is rotated and updated every month.  Check back soon to see more, as we dive in to the archives! Click here to see the complete list of P3 short films

Sally Eckoff: Conference of the Birds 5:14

Marilyn McCabe: Gone Octopus

Ned Van Woert: A Huge Problem 4:00

Riley Willsey, Chord Conundrum 1:43

Drew Hughes, Just A Pair, 7:56

Michael Devine and Jean Ulysse, Famous Letter Writer: Anywhere to Go

Marty Dolan, Take a Penny 3:41.

Dave Coveney,  Powering the Future 0:32

Johnny Uruchima, The Letter 2:03

William Jaeger,  Five Movements for the Moment  4:00

Mark Spitzer,   Tracks in Time,  3:22

Rachael Rios Rehm, Lunar Vacation- The Basement, 5:37

Mary Kathryn Jablonski & Laura Frare, Mare Nubium  3:59

Cortland Brennan: A Day at the Office 0:26

Ethan Cronquist: The Whiteboard Incident 2:54

Evan Curtis:  Strays 2:27


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Thank you to ALL our movie-makers for sharing your work!

Award Winner Group on stage answering questions Award Winners High School Students on stage answering questions Group on stage answering questions

Above: Film makers at recent Screening and Award Presentations.
From top down: 2018 at the Strand Theater, Hudson Falls, NY; 2017 and 2016 at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY; 2014 at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls, NY.

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