Jazz at the Lake

Your support will help keep Jazz alive!

As an organization that has nearly perfected the art of fun, arts-centric, large, group gatherings, these last few months have been tremendously difficult. In mid-March, we found ourselves being one of the first non-profits to cancel a large fundraising event, our popular Bands and Beans fundraiser. Since then, we have also had to cancel two other fundraising events, our Spring Golf Tournament and Summer Solstice Cruise. The programs we present (like Jazz Weekend) that best serve our mission and our community, rely heavily on the money we would typically raise through those events. In total, we have lost $40,000 in tickets sales and donations. By the end of August, that number nearly doubled to $70,000. Please consider supporting this year's, and future, Jazz programming - anything and everything makes a difference whether it is $5 or $500!
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