Please consider supporting the arts

So much of what we do is driven by the passion and hard work of our supporters and members and nearly all of our programs are offered at no cost, so we rely on fundraisers, sponsorships, and contributions to help us keep the doors open – anything and everything makes a difference whether it is $5 or $500!
Our members make a difference!  The Lake George Arts Project is one of the most active non-profits in our area, bringing art, lectures, and music to the greater Lake George community. Members receive a summer events calendar, e-newsletters, invitations to gallery openings, and advance notification of events.

Support comes in many forms and all forms of support matter!

You can…

1. Be our advocate in the community by talking to your family friends and neighbors about what we do!

2. Become a member of The Arts Project

3. Make a one-time contribution

4. Purchase artwork from the Collector’s Club Catalog.  Funds raised through artwork sales support regional artists and The Lake George Arts Project

5. Help us spread the word!  By joining our mailing list, following us on Facebook and Instagram and sharing what we do – you help us reach and build new audiences!

A message from The Lake George Arts Project:

As an organization that has nearly perfected the art of fun, arts-centric, large, group gatherings, these last few months have been tremendously difficult.  In mid-March, we found ourselves being one of the first non-profits to cancel a large fundraising event, our popular Bands and Beans fundraiser.  Since then, we have also had to cancel two other fundraising events, our Spring Golf Tournament and Summer Solstice Cruise.  The programs we present that best serve our mission and our community, rely heavily on the money we would typically raise through those events. In total, we have lost $40,000 in tickets sales and donations.  By the end of August, that number will almost double to $70,000.  Our annual operating budget is only $210,000.  Our financial losses have been massive and almost unimaginable.

We haven’t been idle during these challenging times though!  We’ve developed a resource guide for artists and musicians, developed a new art sales program to help support our visual artists, we’ve reimagined our Jazz Weekend program for a socially-distanced world, and are getting ready to re-launch our People’s Pixel Project short film competition.

We are still working twice as hard – imagining new ways to bring our visual arts and music-based programs to you – all while trying to think of some uniquely Lake George Arts Project ways to make up for some of what we’ve lost. After September, things will be tough.  Your support will help us navigate our new, unpredictable future and help us get through 2020 so we can start off 2021 strong and ready for what this new reality brings us.